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Junior True Blue Membership

The Junior version of the True Blue membership has turned out to be a great value. Chelsea FC have sent my son, Aidan, something engaging and interactive each quarter. That’s not including the ticket access. Earlier in the season, he received a coloring and activity book narrated by Stamford the Lion.

Link to Junior True Blue Membership:

Today, in the mail, he received the full yearly junior gift pack which is apart of the junior membership. In the pack were Chelsea gloves, pencils, a small banner (now hanging on this closet door knob), stickers, and a full blue flag (pictured above). He’s very pleased.

This club not only is a community in and around SW6 but also in the global sense. I’ve been fortunate to experience a sense of community in the Shed Lower, the Butchers Hook pub, and each time I meet up for a match with supporters’ groups within Chelsea in America. This junior True Blue membership is just the latest evidence of this community and the club showing my wee lad some love. UTC.

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